Impact - Wyposarzenie sklepów, supermarketów i magazynów
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Furniture systems
Shop racks of board
Metal shop racks
Warehouse racks
Pallet racks
Discount shop racks
Baker’s racks
Racks for archives
Racks for fruit and vegetables
Shop display cabinets
Checkout counters
Shop showcases
Entrance systems
Clothing stands
Stands for newspapers and brochures
Cigarette stands
Stands for postcards
Clothes hangers
Fitting rooms
Baskets and basket racks
Grates and hanging accessories
Shop carts and baskets
Transport trolleys
Mannequins, trunks, exhibition figures
Articles for promotions and price labels
Balustrades and handrails
Electoral urn
Other items
Oferta specjalna
Shop, supermarket and storeroom equipment
  has existed since 1990 and offers you a wide variety of furniture and shop furnishings at competitive prices. We provide integrated services for clients of all industries (food, hardware, jewelry, clothing, shoes, house appliances, pharmacy, florist, bakery, filling stations, etc.), for those small and medium size ones, and for shopping malls. Understanding of the customer's needs and our mutual cooperation help us deliver best solutions. Our customer's satisfaction and happiness not only drive us to work but mobilize us to constant widening of our offer of goods and services as well.

We are a distributor, producer and importer of counters, racks, hangers, baskets, trolleys, check-out counters and other accessories. We operate both in Poland and abroad.


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